5 delicious dishes to try when traveling to England

In addition to Yorkshire Pudding, visitors to the UK should also try fried fish, grilled meat prepared according to its own recipe.

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Sunday Roast is a traditional meal eaten by the British on Sundays. Simple ingredients include barbecue, baked potatoes and served with Yorkshire pudding, vegetables, gravy. In particular, vegetables are quite diverse such as cauliflower, parsley, sprouts, peas, carrots, kidney beans ... Sunday Roast meal is also popular in many regions of Ireland, especially in Ulster (mainly in Northern Ireland and Donegal). Photo: Time Out.

Fish and chips (Fish and chips) is a hot dish of British origin, including breaded fried fish served with chips. This dish first appeared in England in the 1860s. By 1910, more than 25,000 shops sold fish and chips throughout the kingdom. Today, this fast food is present almost all over the world in different ways. In many countries, especially English-speaking countries, fish and chips are still considered the main meal. Photo: Awol.

Donut is a type of cake that is fried or baked for dessert or snack, popular in many Western countries. Usually the crust has no filling, but some are modified with the filling inside to enhance the flavor of the donut. The cake is covered with a variety of cream such as chocolate, cheese or other sauces. Donuts are often decorated with snowflakes, ice cream, chocolate, coconut chips, even sugar or coconut chips covering the whole cake. Photo: King Arthur Flour.

His steak and kidney pie is quite special. Instead of being made of sweet fruit, the filling is made from the kidneys of animals such as sheep, cows, pork slices, fried and fried with onions and some other spices, to create flavors. salty inside the kernel, sweetness outside the crust. Cake is made in large or small sizes depending on the needs of customers. Photo: The Spruce Eat.

Yorkshire Pudding is a popular cake with the land of fog. The ingredients are quite simple including eggs, fresh milk without sugar and flour. Traditionally, this cake is part of the Sunday lunch, served with vegetables, baked potatoes, kebabs, sauces and often served in pubs in the UK. Photo: Keyassets.

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